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I want to see you live your best life, no matter your current bank balance, and I’ve provided personal financial advice to hundreds of Australian women and their families... and counting.

People who are financially secure perform better, both at work and in their personal lives. 


I offer powerful financial education sessions that will unlock the potential of your audience.

  • Financial Goal Setting – create a roadmap with financial goals for the next year and beyond.

  • Money Mindset – how your upbringing influences your spending habits, understanding your money mindset and how to shift your mindset.

  • Budgeting how to. The boring fact is that the basis for a great financial life is controlling your spending. I will show you tools you can obtain for free to get your budget done in under an hour.

  • FIF (Financial Independence Figure) – what is this number, how do you work out what it is for you and what steps can you take to get there sooner?

  • Investment Fundamentals – Risk v Return. How to work out what investment option you should choose in your superannuation fund. How to get started with non-superannuation investment. Avoiding scam investments.

Ready to book me?

If you are looking for a financial speaker, look no further! Presenting women and money, financial planning, budgeting, investment fundamentals and financial education, your audience is in great hands. 

​Christine can provide on-site or virtual seminars and workshops for your employees and executives. She can create tailor-made programs to suit your needs. ​

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