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I want to see you live your best life, no matter your current bank balance, and I’ve provided personal financial advice to hundreds of Australian women and their families... and counting.


  • Money Mindset – how your upbringing influences your spending habits, understanding your money mindset and how to shift your mindset.

  • Budgeting how to. The boring fact is that the basis for a great financial life is controlling your spending. I will show you tools you can obtain for free to get your budget done in under an hour.

  • Financial Goal Setting – create a roadmap for your 2024 financial goals and beyond.

  • FIF (Financial Independence Figure) – what is this number, how do you work out what it is for you and what steps can you take to get there sooner?

  • Investment Fundamentals – Risk v Return. How to work out what investment option you should choose in your superannuation fund. How to get started with non-superannuation investment. Avoiding scam investments.

Ready to book me?

If you are looking for a financial speaker, look no further! Presenting women and money, financial planning, budgeting, investment fundamentals and financial education, your audience is in great hands. 

​Christine can provide on-site or virtual seminars and workshops for your employees and executives. She can create tailor-made programs to suit your needs. ​

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