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Six ways to strengthen your social connections this festive season

Updated: May 3, 2023

Research shows that when people connect with others, they have a greater sense of belonging, improved mental wellbeing and reduced loneliness¹. Enjoying stronger social networks can be easy – we show you how.

Christmas socialising

One of the best things about the festive season is that it’s a tradition to connect with others at this time of year. And the spirit of cheer and generosity gives us more creative freedom in how we share goodwill with friends, family and neighbours. Here are six ways you can tap into the festive mood to dial-up your social connections.

Make merry with your neighbours The season provides a reason to be more neighbourly. Drop off a Christmas card with a note offering to help out while they’re on holidays. Perhaps you could look out for their deliveries or water their plants. And if cooking is your thing, gift a baked festive treat.

Some neighbourhoods decorate their homes with Christmas lights. So, in addition to the visual entertainment, Christmas lights are an opportunity to gather and talk. Invite your

neighbours or friends to join you in a walk through the spectacle followed by a debrief over a Christmas drink.

Take part in community events Check out your local council or local church event pages

for festive gatherings. Most communities will have carols or a concert in a local park and these gatherings can provide a sense of belonging. Perhaps invite a friend, family member

or neighbour to join you.

Help get the party going

If you spend Christmas, New Year’s Eve or other celebrations with family or friends, make more of the occasion by offering to help with the preparations such as shopping, tidying up, decorating or cooking. Even distracting the dogs or the children so that others can get things ready is a big help and builds connection around a common purpose.

Reconnect with friends and colleagues

Send a message to say you’re thinking of them together with an invitation to catch up over drinks, a coffee or lunch. And if you’re part of a team or group, offer to organise a Christmas gathering for your group.

Volunteer to help a community group

Care organisations often seek extra help through this season. And working alongside other people who have similar values is feel-good. Look out for opportunities to collect and sort food, pack food parcels and wrap gifts. It’s also a busy time of year for community kitchens that often need extra help to prepare and serve meals.

Keep it simple and be present

If you find things start to get too busy, look for opportunities to catch up with others in the new year. It’s a chance to share stories about noisy neighbours, crazy relatives and excessive food.

And in keeping with the generosity of the season, focus on how you can benefit others. Be compassionate and consider people you know who’d value an invitation or a helping hand. And decide to not be offended if you don’t get the response you were expecting.

Whatever you choose to do, remember to keep things simple. It’s not about all the stuff – the trimmings and the fussiness.

It’s about being present with people, having a generous conversation, offering a listening ear and having fun.

What you need to know

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1 National Institute of Health, Social isolation, loneliness in older people

pose health risks, 23 April 2019, accessed 15 November 2022.


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