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A woman's guide to travelling in retirement.

Womens Guide to Travelling in Retirement - WFO magazine
Womens Guide to Travelling in Retirement - WFO magazine

๐–๐š๐ง๐ญ ๐ญ๐จ ๐ž๐ฑ๐ฉ๐ฅ๐จ๐ซ๐ž ๐ญ๐ก๐ž ๐ฐ๐จ๐ซ๐ฅ๐ ๐ข๐ง ๐ซ๐ž๐ญ๐ข๐ซ๐ž๐ฆ๐ž๐ง๐ญ? ๐“๐ก๐ž ๐ค๐ž๐ฒ ๐ญ๐จ ๐ฒ๐จ๐ฎ๐ซ ๐๐ซ๐ž๐š๐ฆ ๐ญ๐ซ๐š๐ฏ๐ž๐ฅ ๐š๐๐ฏ๐ž๐ง๐ญ๐ฎ๐ซ๐ž๐ฌ ๐ข๐ฌ ๐š๐ฅ๐ฅ ๐ข๐ง ๐ญ๐ก๐ž ๐ง๐ฎ๐ฆ๐›๐ž๐ซ๐ฌ.

Here are the steps:

  1. Plan early. The sooner you know your numbers the longer you will have to bridge any funding gaps.

  2. Define Your Retirement Numbers: Calculate your expenses and adjust for retirement. Don't forget to subtract debts.

  3. Assess Your Sources of Income: Think superannuation, investments, rentals, and government support. Ensure your income will last.

  4. Budget for Travel: Work out how much it is going to cost in today's dollars.

๐‘๐ž๐š๐ฅ๐ข๐ญ๐ฒ ๐œ๐ก๐ž๐œ๐ค: If your finances fall short, consider strategies to stretch your funds:

  • Extend Your Working Life: Delay retirement to boost savings, reduce debts, and let investments grow.

  • Part-Time or Semi-Retirement: Keep working part-time for extra income, mental engagement, & social factors

  • Combine Work and Travel: If you can work remotely while exploring the world.

  • International Travel Every Other Year: Save by exploring exotic destinations biennially.

  • Seek Travel Deals: Hunt for discounts and travel during non-peak seasons. More savings, more fun!

You can make your retirement dreams a reality, even without endless money.

Get creative, know your numbers, and plan wisely.

This post is a summary of an article from The November 2023 issue of WomensMoneyMagazine.

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